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Cost-Effective Clipper Blade Sharpening

Barbers, pet groomers, stylists, and veterinarians go to Superior Sharpening Services in Bluffton, South Carolina, for their clipper blade sharpening needs. We will sharpen your A-5 compatible blades so they will cut properly and last for as many sharpenings as possible before replacement.

Proven Clipper Blade Sharpening Process

At our company, we guarantee that you will receive a clean, sharp, properly adjusted clipper blade every time. We remove the minimal amount of metal required (approximately one-one thousandth of an inch) to restore a clean, sharp edge.

The blades are disassembled, inspected, sharpened, de-magnetized, washed, oiled, adjusted, reassembled, and tested. We reset the socket to eliminate blade rattle and adjust the spring tension properly so that the blades cut effortlessly without excessive heat build-up. We will replace missing screws, improperly adjusted springs, cracked sockets, and worn blade guides at no additional charge.

Barber Clippers

Contact us today in Bluffton, South Carolina, to know more about our clipper blade sharpening process.